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Riyadh, Jeddah, Abha, AlUla, Tabuk & Riyadh


Where a mix of generations makes a cultural union, the centuries-old history is evident in its atmospheric souqs, captivating museums, and ancient architecture, but the modernity shows in the sparkling high-rises and a thriving contemporary art scene.


A port city by the red sea, that serves as a commercial center and an entry point for travelers making their way to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Where people have fun on resorts and beaches, enjoying the outdoor sculptures on the Corniche, known as Jeddah Waterfront. The historic neighborhood, AlBalad, originates back to the 7th century and features coral-built houses.


The misty city holds some majestic natural treasures that should be on the top of your bucket list, especially with the city’s beautiful weather. Favoured as a perfect vacation destination by both domestic and international tourists for its milder climate. Connected to Jeddah by a coastal highway.


The world largest living museum sheltering layer upon layer of human history waiting to be unfolded.  Attracting tourists with its tranquil desert, historic monuments, and heart-racing adventure opportunities. Featuring marvels like the Elephant Rock where the golden sand landscapes enhance the beauty that was shaped by millions of years of wind and water erosion. Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, where wells and stone-lined water channels demonstrate to visitors the civilized and remarkable craftsmanship. Located amid the desert of Ashar Valley is Maraya the stunning piece of art covered in more than 6000 mirrored panels and the centrepiece of AlUla’s growing culture.


The northwestern city of Tabuk, with a rich Bedouin culture that can be felt in Souq Twaheen, famed for selling patterned rugs and goat-hair tent covers. Favored by visitors who like to explore archaeological sites and know more about the story’s setting of Prophet Moses, Tabuk’s charming coastal towns, such as Haql and Sharma, offer clear seas and pristine beaches and more to discover, such as the carved tombs of Maghaer Shuaib in the dessert of the stunning valley of steep granite stones called Tayeb Al Ism.

Day 1: Arrival in Riyadh (Boulevard Night)

• Transfer from airport to the hotel.
• Check in at the hotel & enjoy the complimentary drinks while the tour leader explains the itinerary.
• Enjoy the night at the Boulevard.
Boulevard is a unique destination that combines dining, shopping, and entertainment. The ideal place to see contemporary design & traditional culture.
• Dinner at the Boulevard.
• Return to the hotel.

Day 2: Riyadh Heritage Tour Day

• 9:00 Breakfast at the hotel.
• 10:00 Start the tour at the National Museum of Saudi Arabia.
A place for learning and discovery featuring a glimpse of history of the Arabian Peninsula that hosts a unique collection of artifacts, located at King Abdulaziz Historical Centre.

• 11:00 Visit Al Murabba Palace.
Al Murabba Palace a marvel of the unique architecture that used to be King Abdulaziz residence where he hosted his court.

• 12:00 Shop in Dira Souq.
A traditional market famous for buying antique carpets and other useful Saudi heritage antiques.

• 13:30 Explore Al Masmak Palace.
This fortified palace witnessed great events of Founding Saudi Arabia. It was built during the reign of Abdullah bin Rashid in the year 1895 A.D. and today it’s considered a symbol of regaining power and rule of the Kingdom.

• 15:00 Taste Saudi traditional cuisine from Tofareya restaurant.
• 17:30 Head to the Kingdom Tower & shop at the stores.
• 18:30 Enjoy the view of Riyadh nightlights from the Kingdom tower.
• 20:00 Dine in at Spazio for Italian cuisine.
• 22:00 Return to the hotel.

Day 3: Edge of The World Tour

• 9:00 Breakfast at the hotel.
• 10:00 Buckle up to Jebel Fihrayn known as Edge of the World.
The name derived from the uninterrupted view of the horizon it offers atop its 300-meter-high cliffs that overlook the surrounding plain in the rocky desert northwest of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

• 13:30 Experience BBQ lunch in the desert.
• 17:30 Admire the sunset view at the Edge of the World while sipping a Saudi coffee setting in the camp & watching the show of the Arabian dancing band with Oud music.
• 19:00 Return to the hotel.

Day 4: Ushaiger Heritage Village Tour

• 9:00 Breakfast at the hotel, then head to Ushaiger village.
An oasis-dotted region 200km northwest of Riyadh, hidden in the heart of Najd. This Village provides a glimpse of a slow-paced old Saudi society.

• 12:00 Take a walk through Ushaiger narrow lanes to enter a living museum.
• 13:00 Enjoy lunch at Ushaiger village.
• 19:00 Overnight in Riyadh.

Day 5: Jeddah Tour

• 9:00 Breakfast at the hotel, then proceed to the airport to take a flight to Jeddah.
• 14:30 Transfer from the airport to the hotel.
• 16:00 Tour AlBalad.
A historical area with stories to keep you captivated for hours. Known as the heart of Jeddah, where many of the oldest families used to live and work.
• 16:30 Discover Bait Nassif.
Once a residence for King Abdulaziz in 1925 AD, became a museum & a cultural center for the Kingdom’s history. Offering a chance for visitors to walk in hallways that hosted ambassadors.
• 17:00 Stop to capture pictures of Historical Jeddah Gate.
• 18:00 Have a look around Taybat museum.
A museum showcasing Jeddah’s multicultural history, recreating the Hijazi architecture of the old city as it is spread across an area of 10000 square meters with 300 rooms in 12 buildings.
• 19:00 Take a ride along Jeddah New Corniche.
• 19:30 Visit the Floating Mosque.
A glamorous construction, one of the most distinctive symbols of Jeddah. Built on a water surface, with bases planted under the surface of the sea.
• 20:00 Enjoy shopping & having dinner at Redsea Mall.

Day 6: Abha Day Tour

• 9:00 Breakfast, then transfer to Jeddah airport to take flight to Abha.
• 13:45 Explore the Historical Shada Palace.
One of the few traditional buildings in Abha, said to be dating back to 1927AD. Housing amazing handicrafts enables visitors to discover the traditional architecture of the region.
• 15:00 Continue to Al Muftaha Village.
This village holds the title of the most significant historical destination. Al Muftaha village located in a beautiful little quarter around a mosque daubed with calligraphy with galleries that showcase the work of regional crafts and artists.
• 17:00 Drive to Green Mountain.
One of the most popular tourist attractions. Named after green lights and grass that covers it with a wonderful climate featuring many facilities for visitors to enjoy.
• 20:00 Return to the hotel to unwind.

Day 7: Trip to Rijal Almaa

• 9:00 Breakfast at hotel, then check out.
• 10:00 Take a trip by a cable car to Jabal Sawda.
Jabal Sawda is Part of one of the largest mountain ranges in Saudi Arabia called the Sarawat Mountains and is considered to be the highest peak of the nation.
• 11:30 Walk around Clouds Corniche at Al Sahab Park.
• 13:00 Enjoy the fantastic scenery of Abha while eating lunch.
• 15:00 Stop at Rijal Almaa village (1 hr 36 min from Abha).
Rijal Almaa village is which is famous for its typical Arabian traditional architecture that can be found throughout the whole country, each region having its own specificity.
• 18:00 Transfer to Abha airport to take flight to Jeddah at 20:30.
• 23:00 Check in at the hotel in Jeddah.

Day 8: Fly to AlUla – Mada’in Saleh Tour

• 6:30 Transfer to the airport to depart to Al Ula.
• 11:30 Tour the Historical Hegra.
Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, where wells and stone-lined water channels demonstrate to visitors the civilized and remarkable craftsmanship.
• 12:30 Continue to Hijaz Railway station.
The railway formerly constructed to bring Muslim pilgrims from Damascus to the holy cities Makkah and Medina, got demolished less than two decades later. It remains can still be seen today scattered over northern Saudi Arabia.
• 14:00 Shop & have lunch at the Old Town.
• 16:00 Drink coffee at the Elephant Rock.
Elephant Rock where the golden sand landscapes enhance the beauty that was shaped by millions of years of wind and water erosion.
• 17:30 Admire the sunset view at Maraya.
Maraya, a stunning piece of art covered in more than 6000 mirrored panels, reflecting AlUla mountains.
• 20:00 Experience Dinner while admiring the blanket of stars.
• 23:00 Return to the hotel for leisure at own.

Day 9: Helicopter Tour

• 9:00 Breakfast at the hotel.
• 10:00 Hop on the adventurous helicopter tour.
This tour offers the chance to view the world from a new angle and make memories that will last for a lifetime while admiring the breathtaking views of stunning desert vistas & iconic landmarks such as Elephant Rock and Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

• 20:00 Enjoy dinner with a view of the largest mirrored building at Maraya Social restaurant.
Chef Jason Atherton's newest restaurant the cuisine takes inspiration from AlUla with produce sourced from local farms.
• 22:00 Return to the hotel for leisure at own.

Day 10: Wadi Al Disah Tour

• 9:00 Breakfast at the hotel.
• 10:00 Drive to Wadi Disah.
A beautiful natural landscape in Saudi Arabia provides tourists an escape from the busy & hustle city life.
• 13:30 Experience locally prepared traditional food at Wadi Al Disah.
• 20:00 Overnight in Tabuk

Day 11: Tabuk Tour Day

• 9:00 Breakfast, then check out and drive to the northwestern city of Tabuk.
• 10:00 Discover Wadi Zeeta.
A place with hidden gems where visitors get to experience sand adventures & admire the mountains to make a memorable adventure.
• 12:00 Visit Al Bad town & explore Magha’er Shuaib.
Magha’er Shuaib is a historical site with great historical importance & high religious value. A place where Moses moved to for a decade and lived there to meet the dowry conditions to marry Shuaib’s daughter.
• 14:00 Proceed to Wadi Tayyib Al Ism to view the majestic mountains.
Wadi Tayyib is a natural wonder with high mountain and palm trees taking people by surprise.
• 16:00 Arrive at Ras Alsheikh Hamid to uncover the Catalina Seaplane Wreckage.
Ras Alsheikh Hamid is a beautiful sandy cape lying on coral reefs hosting a rich marine life.
• 18:30 Transfer to Tabuk airport to take flight to Riyadh.
• 23:30 Overnight in Riyadh.

Day 12: Departure Day

• 9:00 Breakfast at the hotel.
• 12:00 Check out from the hotel.
• Transfer to the airport at the time of the flight.

  • 4 Nights’ accommodation in Riyadh at 5* hotels Bed & Breakfast basis.
  • 2 Nights’ accommodation in Jeddah at 5* hotels Bed & Breakfast basis.
  • 2 Nights’ accommodation in AlUla at 5* hotels Bed & Breakfast basis.
  • 1 Night accommodation in Tabuk at 5*or 4* hotels Bed & Breakfast basis.
  • 1 Night accommodation in Abha at 5*or 4* hotels Bed & Breakfast basis
  • Private Transportations.
  • Lunch & dinner meals at traditional & international restaurants.
  • Snacks & drinks during tours.
  • Entrance fees.
  • English-Speaking tour leader.
  • Including all taxes.
  • Intercontinental Air Fare.
  • Any Extras.

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